Hypnotherapy for Highly Creative People

splashHypnosis promotes: increased focus, relief of the rigors of touring, alleviated writers blocks, unlocked and increased creativity, diminished anxiety of speaking/performing in public, improved optimism, enhanced performance, boosted determination, subdued fear and stress, heightened stamina and energy level, and reaching more of a person’s potential.

While there’s no such thing as “magic spells” or “fairy dust” hypnotherapy is often used to facilitate the release of creativity. Hypnotherapy’s unique access to the subconscious and its ability to relax you, promotes freeing your mind from its set patterns and setting your thinking along a different track; a creative one.

The ‘zone’ of creative flow has been described as something like being in a trance. The relaxed state of hypnotherapy is said to be like a dream. Creativity takes place in a similar state, somewhere between reality and fantasy. The relaxed state of hypnotherapy promotes discovering creativity you didn’t know you had. Sometimes hypnosis facilitates withdrawing what is deep within the mind but often pushed aside by thoughts needing more immediate attention.Guitarist-Hands-Playing-Guitar-48210287

Creative people often suffer incredible self-doubt that ends up clouding the creative process and renders them unable to pursue their goals. If you’ve ever suffered from writer’s block or any other kind of creative block, then you know how debilitating this can be. While hypnosis will not make a person able to act, compose music, or write a screenplay if they don’t have the talent, hypnotherapy promotes strengthening such abilities if they are already within you.

Hypnotherapy promotes access to a creative flow state, and allows for increased creative focus, switching gears, and circumventing creative blocks. It facilitates a person staying engaged with his or her creative project and getting in touch with inner sources of inspiration.

Hypnotherapist, James Browning, spent several decades in a previous career in the entertainment and creative arts. He is comfortable and at ease with both famous and unknown highly creative people. Inquiries handled in confidence and with anonymity. Ask about out-call if you need hypnotherapy brought to you at your location.