Hypnosis works with the subconscious that controls natural functions like circulation, respiration, digestion, physical repair and involuntary actions of the body that work without direction from the will or conscious mind. The subconscious perpetuates characteristics, traits and qualities that are particular to an individual. Whenever anything has been repeated a sufficient number of times to have become habitual, it becomes second nature and a subconscious action. Hypnotherapy promotes the learning of new and better habits and ways of being.

Hypnosis is NOT a magic wand, but allows for growth and change in the life of a motivated man or woman. It facilitates relaxation, comfort and focus and promotes concentration, recall and creativity. Hypnotherapy promotes helping a person manage pain and sleep better with improved dream recall. Hypnosis allows for improved outlook, confidence and general disposition. It facilitates improved reflexes, performance and coordination.

Hypnosis is capable of improving intuition and growing sensitivity to others. It is an effective aid in facilitating smoking cessation and change of other habitual behaviors. Hypnosis promotes effective weight management and better eating habits. It facilitates becoming a better speaker and overcoming phobias and fears. It’s not magic, but allows for achievement of results for a motivated person that are difficult to achieve otherwise.

A good hypnotherapist does not have a preset agenda. Working with each client is an individual effort with a program fitted to each person.  An initial session is focused on building rapport and discussing at length what a client wants to achieve and then setting realistic goals that are reachable.

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