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Browning Clinical Hypnotherapy is located in Tulsa, OK and is a full-time professional hypnotherapy practice located at One Memorial Place, 7633 East 63rd Place, Suite 210, Tulsa, OK 74133. Frequently hypnosis practitioners only practice part-time, work in their home or only offer hypnotherapy as one of several types of therapy modalities. Browning Clinical Hypnotherapy is focused exclusively on hypnotherapy and typically sees an average of Twenty clients per week. Our schedule is often completely filled two weeks or more in advance.

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Therapist: James Browning, CCHt has been a student of hypnosis for many years. His knowledge includes formal education at the internationally respected Hypnotherapy Training Institute in Corde Madera, CA, the oldest continually operating hypnosis school in the United States. H.T.I has taught thousands of hypnotherapists from all over the world over the last forty years. Mr. Browning holds certifications of “Master Hypnotist,” “Hypnotherapist,” “Regression Specialist”, and “Clinical Hypnotherapist”. His kind demeanor, caring attitude and soft-spoken manner puts clients quickly at ease. He cares about the people who seek his help and works hard to make a difference in their lives.

“…The meaning of my life is to help you find meaning in yours…” (Victor Frankl)
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Member in good standing with The American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
with the earned distinction of “Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist”.


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By: Erica Ludwig | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: March 2017

James Browning of Browning Clinical Hypnotherapy

James Browning of Browning Clinical Hypnotherapy

Did you know that approximately 40 million adults between the ages 18 to 54 struggle with anxiety? According to the National Institute of Mental Health, that’s about 18.1 percent. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include the adults, from college student to working adult, that don’t seek help for stress-related issues.  James Browning of Browning Clinical Hypnotherapy knows that most people want resolve the natural way, which is why he started his practice almost four years ago.

“I believe hypnotherapy is the most affective method for anxiety and fear because we didn’t come into this world afraid,” said James. “ Somewhere along the way, we’ve learned to fear and to stress.”

James dedicated an entire career to media management before establishing Browning Clinical Hypnotherapy in 2013. His passion for learning and helping people has remained constant throughout the early years of his practice.

“I’m already booking appointments a month in advance,” says James.  “This practice has grown so much and for that I am very grateful of my community’s support.”

James has been interested in the subject of hypnotherapy since he was 14.  He has continued to learn about new methods and has used self-hypnosis throughout his life. He has been managing people since he was 23 years old, sharpening the time management skills he uses in his practice today. According to James, the flexibility he gets from owning and operating his own practice is ideal. He sets his own schedule to allow for volunteer work for a local hospice organization whose patients he helps with anxiety and severe pain management.

“At least half of my practice deals with this realm, from general anxiety to even specific phobias,” said James. “I even had one patient who suffered from IBS. It was through the work we did in hypnotherapy that we were able to discover some of the cause of the syndrome was from stress she had created in her mind.”

James meets with clients for an initial appointment to give them an idea of what the process of hypnosis is like, usually followed by 3-5 more sessions to make progress depending on the severity of the fear or situation.

“We usually uncover other factors to the initial fear or phobia in the process,” said James. “I definitely see progress in my clients, from fear of flying to anger issues rooted in fear, to even nursing students with test anxiety, my goal is to help clients improve their lives.”

Peace of mind is closer than you think.