hypnosis-worksInitial 30 Minute Consultation Required By Appointment at No Charge – Learn More HERE 
In-Office Sessions $130 Cash/Check – $135 Credit/Debit
Approximately 75 Minutes

By Appointment Only

A single session may facilitate general stress reduction or facing short term difficulty. However, meaningful change for a concern, issue, or habit is best promoted through multiple sessions.

On average clients are able to see meaning growth and change for ingrained habits and behaviors in four to eight hypnotherapy sessions. However, some require more extended therapy when addressing multiple concerns and issues.

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An initial consultation (no charge) is required before beginning hypnotherapy.


NOTE: By making an appointment you agree to the following terms. Our time is valuable. Please let us know a minimum of 24 hours in advance if unable to make your hypnotherapy appointment to avoid a 50% session fee.  However, we understand unavoidable last minute things pop up sometime. Consequently, we waive the late cancellation fee if you reschedule within 24 hours of your missed appointment and then keep that rescheduled appointment.

No shows for Hypnotherapy appointments will be charged 50% of our usual fee. No shows for Consultation appointments will be billed $40 (consultations are at no charge for those who keep their appointment).

paypal_mc_amex_visa_discover_berkshires_24_7 cash and checks accepted

We accept PayPal, Debit, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, checks, & cash.


Insurance Coverage

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Flexible Spending Accounts – Most FSA plans cover payments for hypnotherapy. Check coverage details to know if your plan does.

med idcard_dental_visionMedical Insurance: We do not process insurance claims. Some insurance companies cover hypnotherapy, but many do not. Some limit coverage to specific issues. Others require a medical referral or pre-approval. The best chance of obtaining approved coverage is for clients to work directly with their insurance company.

Find out if hypnotherapy is covered for a specific issue/condition by consulting provided written materials, company HR person, insurer’s website or by calling your insurer. Getting a referral from a therapist or medical practitioner increases your chances of obtaining insurance coverage for hypnotherapy. We’ll be glad to assist your efforts to obtain coverage for hypnotherapy in what ways we can.