Client Feedback


Tulsa Area Clients:

My nine year old is now eating probably ten times the variety of foods he used to restrict his diet to. Thank you for helping (son name) to expand his diet and become much more healthy. Because of his sessions with you he has more energy, feels better and is proud of himself. So grateful! T.T. Owasso, OK

My daughter & I had been on an emotional rollercoaster the last several years which accumulated into my daughter developing debilitating anxiety where she would not leave the house. We sought out James’ help and quite honestly he has helped not only my daughter but the both of us. I cannot overstate how much James helped us both get past not only our challenges but to also navigate through what was causing so much angst for both of us. My daughter is doing so well.  She is enrolled in school for the fall, has a job she loves and even has gotten her drivers license. I am having less health issues and feel amazing and best of all, I have a healthy, happy  teenager  who is thriving ! Thank you. S.B.R. Tulsa, OK

(Extreme claustrophobia with two unsuccessful MRI attempts before two hypnotherapy sessions)  –  Went to my MRI today. Spent at least an hour inside the machine. Had no problems whatsoever. Everything went great. Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it. * T.S. Skiatook, OK

I have had anxiety most of my teenage and young adult years. I was then accepted into Nursing school and I completed the program but I gained a new level of anxiety. My test anxiety led me to fail the NCLEX once and I knew I had to do something about it. In school we went over alternate therapies so I thought to give hypnotherapy a try. I had three sessions with him and I truly enjoyed every moment I had and each session. Also he really tailored each therapy to what I needed. I’ve been recommending Browning Hypnotherapy to everyone I know who may benefit from this. I was able to pass in 60 questions and 45 minutes. I really would rate this 100 out of 100. Also my mental health has really never been better. * A.M. Tulsa, OK

Went in for smoking cigarettes. Had been my crutch for a very long time. Left his office and haven’t touched one since. Cravings are minimal. You have to be ready to quit for this to work. Mr. Browning saved my life. * J.A. Tulsa, OK

Very comfortable place to be. So glad I chose this clinic to get the help I have needed for a long time. Thank you for the extra help. * V.G. Tulsa, OK

Talking about my ED issue (erectile dysfunction) was never easy for me in the past. However, I was made to feel comfortable, welcome and safe at your practice. While I am not cured, I am a hundred times better than before. I can function normally and am free of the embarrassment I lived with for years. I wish I had found you sooner. Not only am I happier now, but my wife of 30 years is thrilled too. I appreciate you! T.A. Bixby, OK

I used to love to fly, suddenly one flight (before 9/11) I got scared, started having panic attacks and did everything I could to avoid flying. Twenty years of living in fear and not wanting to resort to medication, I decided to give hypnotherapy a try. James Browning’s process was excellent. He thoroughly explained how hypnosis worked, asked me a few questions to better understand my situation, and ran a couple of tests. I knew right away; I wanted to schedule a session. The sessions were relaxing, and I left feeling calm and strengthened. He also gave suggestions so I can create calmness in myself when needed. It worked! I love to fly again and will no longer live a life grounded or in fear. * L.L. Tulsa, OK

I came to you about a year and a half ago suffering from conversion disorder and having pseudo seizures. I haven’t had a seizure in 6 months, mentally my depression and anxiety have gotten significantly better. I wanted to thank you so much for your help. If it wasn’t for you, I’m not sure I would be where I am at today. Our sessions had an enormous impact on my mental health… * L.K.M, Tulsa, OK

Wanted to let you know I’m now over a month without a cigarette. I haven’t had 1 puff. Swiping my forehead (a post hypnotic conditioned response) during a craving works like a charm. Thanks again! * J.A. Tulsa,OK

It’s hard to put into words, but he was able to guide me from a “panic” to a “peace” in our first session. Eager to see how future sessions continue to benefit. * H.B. Tulsa, OK

James Browning helped me break through poor eating habits and weight loss challenges.  I have been telling people for decades “I hate fruit.”   Just five minutes ago, I ate blueberries, strawberries and an orange.  My friends and family, can’t believe their eyes when they see me eating fruit.  One even thought I was joking when I put fruit on my plate the other day.  I also got on the scale yesterday and was below my goal weight.  I find myself only eating to fuel my body and the majority of the time, I am full after eating only half of what is on my plate.  I no longer find myself eating when I am bored…only when I am actually hungry.  It’s hard to find words to describe my gratitude for James Browning.  He is professional, makes you feel comfortable, but most of all he can change your life for the better, as long as you have the desire to change.  If you are on the fence about visiting James Browning, I am here to tell you, be brave and call him today. You will not regret it!!!! * C.L. – Tulsa, OK

I used cigarettes as a crutch for many, many years. I tried quitting a few times with no success. I heard about hypnosis for smoking and contacted Mr. Browning. Since my appointment I have not touched a cigarette. It’s more of a thought than a craving. I walked out and never had a real urge to go buy more. I’m speechless. Thank you Mr. Browning! You literally saved my life. I highly recommend for anyone who truly wants to put the smokes down. * J.A. Coweta, OK

HIGHLY Highly Recommend! I have been seeing James for about a year now and I have grown tremendously. He has seriously helped me work through so much in my life. If you have any interest in hypnotherapy, you should definitely try it! James is so professional… He TRULY enjoys helping people become the best version of themselves. I know that some people are skeptical of hypnotherapy but all I can say is that you can’t say it won’t work until you have tried it! * M.A. Tulsa, OK

He is a miracle worker!! * P.S. Tulsa, OK

James Browning has a gift regarding hypnotherapy. He provides a very soothing, safe, and professional environment and has great skill acquired through years of study and experience. I felt almost immediately at ease with him as he has a warmth and openness that allows you to relax.  I have worked on multiple issues and feel amazing after each session. As we have continued our work I feel better and better. As a result of hypnotherapy with James, I have become a more happy, peaceful person. * P.R. Muskogee, OK

James Browning is a wonderful hypnotist and therapist. He’s a man of character, wisdom, and compassion. I highly recommend his services, for whatever you may require them – “10/10”. * D.T. Tulsa, OK

I feel completely at ease during my sessions at Browning Clinical Hypnotherapy. I’d never experienced hypnotherapy before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. The first session was about relieving anxiety and I noticed significant improvement in my anxiety level after the first session. I’ve focused on different issues at each session and so far I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made. This works. * D.M. Tulsa, OK

James is a caring and very qualified clinician. He will help you get your smile back! * A.G. Tulsa, OK

After a few sessions with James Browning I was able to open my heart back up and let the past go. I am now in a healthy, loving relationship and I truly believe hypnotherapy helped me get to the happy place I am in right now. I highly recommend clinical hypnotherapy to anyone who wants to feel better about themselves, their life and make healthy changes. * M.D. Tulsa, OK

I was positive that I couldn’t be hypnotized….but I felt safe and relaxed and it worked. * P.H. Tulsa, OK

I must say when I first came to you, I was skeptical and it was kind of a last resort. But after talking with you for a very short time, I felt extremely comfortable and at ease. After our very first session, I went home that night and went through the exercises you proposed and had a good nights sleep I’m sure being under implanted these in my subconscious. Our other sessions have been better each time and I believe have helped me get a grasp on my feelings and actions. I have had some setbacks but our talks and sessions have helped me understand they can be overcome. * D.M. Tulsa, OK

James Browning helps you to feel very relaxed and comfortable. He really cares and wants to help. * J.M. Tulsa, OK

I have suffered from anxiety the last two years due to a tumultuous relationship with in-laws and the declining health of my mother.  I can tell you without any doubt he has helped me overcome fears, anxiety, and depression.  He often will say that, “what people think of you is none of your business.” It finally clicked.  Understanding that concept has helped me eliminate a lot of toxic people from my life and with my anxiety.  I found peace with the passing of my mother and acceptance of what has happened.  I am beyond thankful for the help he has given me during these difficult times and recommend him to everyone.  James is a kind and compassionate man that you instantly feel comfortable with. * A.M., Tulsa, OK

I went to Browning hypnotherapy having never experienced real hypnosis. I didn’t have any real problems to deal with. I just wanted to improve on the things I do each day, as well as make a few adjustments with my sleeping habits. I found the hypnosis process to be very relaxing and I left the office feeling refreshed wit my mind completely clear. Since I have been going to sessions I have seen improvements in every area that we have worked on. I sleep great, and I feel more confident in my day to day activities. Mr. Browning is very professional in his approach. He really made me feel comfortable and safe. * (initials/town withheld by request)

I wish I could rent a billboard to talk about how James Browning’s hypnotherapy changed my life. I have always struggled with weight, but as I got older, it became impossible for me to lose. I simply could not refrain from over eating for more than a day or two. Three and a half months ago, I began seeing James Browning. I have not eaten too much since and have lost 27 pounds. I am no longer tempted by food. Hypnotherapy has also made me a more disciplined writer. I wish I had learned about this man sooner; I could not recommend him more highly.* A.M. Chandler, OK

I have always done hypnosis on my own through videos so I was pretty hesitant to find a person who could make me feel comfortable to say out loud all my discomforts and past, but to actually have a person in flesh to help reveal your truest potential is a profound experience. I am eternally grateful that James was able to guide me through to new eyes. I don’t feel the heavy feelings of anxiety anymore. I can finally enjoy people and the life that has always been there.* G.M. Tulsa, OK

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate (Carl Jung)”.  James told me in my first meeting with him that through hypnotherapy he “shines a light” on where I need to look. He did just that. He helped me uncover a false belief I had about myself, a long-held negative belief that directed my life for many decades. I use this new awareness to identify when the old thinking creeps back in and starts directing my behavior. I can recognize it and shine a light on it now.* D.V. Tulsa, OK

Over and over I kept getting back into a relationship with a boyfriend who was really bad for me. I tried so hard to resist, but never was able to stay away on my own. With a hand full of sessions over a few weeks, I was able to let the Mr. Toxic go for good. It’s been three months now and I hardly ever think about him. Thank you James for helping me release myself from that prison of my own making. So grateful!* A.P. Tulsa, OK

You worked hard to help me find stronger confidence that I have ever known. It took only three sessions and thank you for teaching me how to use self-hypnosis to help me keep getting stronger. Thank you James. You really care about people! I will recommend you to my friends and family.* A.B. Bixby, OK

I want to thank you for helping my son with his needle phobia. I truly feel the words ‘thank you’ is not adequate to express how grateful we are for you. Your compassion, patience, and commitment to helping (son) was beyond measure. You took the time to know him, his needs and anxieties and you learned how to help him. It is obvious you do this work with people out of selflessness. Your desire to help alleviate their stresses, whatever they may be, is evident in how you interact, listen and adjust your treatment to their individual needs.* L.M., Tulsa, OK

Any reservations I had were gone by the end of my first session. By the time we finished my third session, my life was changed a lot for the better. I’m blown away! Why didn’t I do hypnotherapy a long time ago? Thank you for your patience with me.* S.T. Owasso, OK

I feel completely at ease during my sessions at Browning Clinical Hypnotherapy. I’d never experienced hypnotherapy before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. For me, it was a lot like guided meditation and relaxation exercises that I’ve done in the past for dance classes and acting workshops. The first session was about relieving anxiety and I noticed significant improvement in my anxiety level after the first session. I’ve focused on different issues at each session and I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made. This works.D.M. Tulsa, OK

When I came to see you in early January my goal was to lose 30 pounds by June 1st. With your help I lost 33 pounds by the middle of April. My long term goal is to lose 60 pounds total by the end of the year and now I know I can do it. Hypnotherapy is the extra edge I needed. The mind clearing technique you taught me when I think about eating when I don’t need to really works. You know your stuff! Thanks for helping me.* T.W. Broken Arrow, OK

The grief I suffered after my mother’s death haunted me for almost a year. I couldn’t sleep and my work suffered. With your help I discovered there were hidden unresolved feelings of guilt that I needed to work through. After a few weeks of sessions my pain was bearable and within two months I am glad to say, the loss of my mother is mostly in the past. I can’t express how much the relief from my pain means to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.* S.M. Tulsa, OK

I’m flying! I’m flying! After ten years of such intense fear I could not walk down a jet way to board a plane, I am back traveling with my husband again. Thank you James! I have a big piece of my life back that was lost for years. It feels almost like a miracle. I am grateful.* P.P. Tulsa, OK

The last cigarette I smoked was right before our last session and I haven’t had one since. In July it will be a whole year that I haven’t smoked! I’m really glad I made that choice for myself and I haven’t ever actually considered smoking again. I am glad to be a non-smoker and I really appreciate your help in getting me there.* T.P.W. Tulsa, OK

After having “dipped” for over 3 decades, I had come to the conclusion that I was going to “dip” till they planted me six feet under. It was not easy but with James’ help I have been “Tobacco Free” for almost 3 weeks. Can’t thank Mr. Browning enough for helping me quit the habit. For those who worry about $, think about my way; I have almost broke even with not having spent $ on “Dip” for the past couple of weeks. It can and will work, you just have to go into it with an open mind. If it can work for me-it can work for, I believe anybody.* R.C. Coweta, OK

Out of Town Clients Who Traveled to Tulsa for Hypnotherapy:

It wasn’t until I came to Browning Hypnotherapy that I learned the real reason behind the chaos and what was holding me back was actually ME.  Taking responsibility for my own self criticism was a huge step that was uncovered during my sessions, and when I walked away I was stronger, more confident, more caring of my mind and body, and definitely more open minded about the world around me not being as critical of ME as I grew up believing.  Mr. Browning truly opened my eyes to a new reality, new way of life, and a new ME!!! JC, Nashville, TN

All my life I had phobia of dogs! And for long I never could decide which is harder, deal with my fears and anxieties or explaining to people that no matter how sweet their dog is, it is still feels like a monster to me. Now I’m a mother and I cannot afford to pass my fears to my children. I searched over the internet and made few phone calls. Out of all of them Mr. Browning was my choice. He was caring and professional. After one session I was surprised to see the result of his work. I could be around dogs without any panic attack. It feels great. I’m not a dog lover yet! But the result of just one session was amazing. M.S. Aspen, CO

James Browning is kind, caring, and professional. I felt safe during the entire experience, and since my hypnotherapy sessions I have found new joy, hope, and peace in my life. I cannot emphasize enough what a difference the experience has made in my life. I will remain be eternally grateful for James Browning’s help in my healing journey. 5 star!* J.C. Evansville, IN

We’ve had an amazing week in Tulsa. James Browning gave me my oldest child back. I highly recommend Clinical hypnotherapy. (My son) has made so much progress in just one week and I gained so much from my sessions. We know we will both continue to grow and heal. This week has been life changing.* L.M. Atlanta, GA

Thank you! Our sessions have given me more control over my ability to focus and maintain my attention span for longer periods. I use the techniques we discussed to successfully relax and enhance my nightly sleep. You are an incredible hypnotherapist! I’m looking forward to working with you again soon and continuing on this path.* M.B. McKinney, TX

* Results may not be typical for all people.