Prove to Yourself You’re Ready to Quit Smoking

Brand – Give up the brand you’re used to, then smoke NO MORE than ONE pack of any brand. Keep moving from brand to brand, one pack at a time.

Hand – Switch hands you hold a cigarette with. If you usually hold it in your right hand, switch to your left, etc.

Smoking Location – If you smoke in your house, start smoking outside. If you smoke on the porch or patio, pick a new place.

Car – If you smoke in the car, STOP. Pull over and have a cigarette when you crave one.

Location – Put your cigarettes away in a less convenient location. Out of sight is best.

Delay – Delay smoking by 10-15 minutes when urge strikes. Wait after getting up, after meals, etc.

Your ability to do good overall on these steps signals your readiness to stop smoking. “Brand”  flipping is the most important thing on the list to help you get ready to quit.