NEW! – Virtual Hypnotherapy Sessions

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Browning Clinical Hypnotherapy has conducted virtual hypnotherapy sessions in the past with clients who requested them, typically for out of town clients or those who had moved away.

Due to a number of requests and the current state of things, Browning Clinical Hypnotherapy now offers virtual sessions for clients we have worked with previously. While we will consider new clients for virtual sessions, these work best by far with those we have an established relationship with.

Please contact us in advance before making virtual appointments if you have not worked with us in our office previously. 918-990-0144 or

Virtual hypnotherapy sessions can be effective:
Deep relaxation and stress relief
Reduction of anxiety, worry, depression and fear
Improved confidence and self-belief
Enhanced coping and well being
Relieving guilt, grief and remorse
and related issues.

Virtual hypnotherapy sessions can be conducted by phone/tablet/computer. We use Zoom ( and FaceTime for video conferences. Standard calls for virtual voice-only audio appointments are also available. Each client will be contacted prior to their virtual session to discuss their preferred method.

Virtual hypnotherapy session length is approximately 40 minutes for a $75 fee. Payment is by credit/debit card at the conclusion of a virtual session.

To see availability of open times or to book a virtual session click HERE. If booking a virtual appointment choose the “Virtual Session” option on the on-line scheduler.
Or call 918-990-0144 for info or to schedule an appointment).