Intensive Hypnotherapy


Over the years a number of out of town clients have traveled to Tulsa for hypnotherapy.  Due to time restraints we did several sessions within a few days to accommodate the short time the visiting clients had to spend with us.

An unexpected discovery in doing multiple sessions in a limited time is how they promote compounded positive effects, meaningful personal growth, and positive behavior changes.

We are pleased to now offer the benefit of an “Intensive Hypnotherapy” program to all our clients; local and out of town.

I H 89798940-569ff0275f9b58eba4adfff7Intensive Hypnotherapy Programs:

Five Day Program – One session per day
Long Weekend – Five sessions over 2 ½ days
Cost: $700 cash/check – $750 credit/debit

We believe the five day program is most effective, but the weekend program yields good results as well. Schedule can be adapted to fit client needs. Please call our office to schedule Intensive Hypnotherapy.